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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website For A Small Business In Dubai?

The internet presence of your company has become critical. An internet presence increases sales that you cannot reach in a brick-and-mortar store. It not only helps to brand your business but also brings you good fortune. An online presence lends credibility to your business and allows clients to easily find your store on the internet.

It is a commonly asked subject because almost every merchant nowadays intends to create a website for their small business. Who doesn’t appreciate some additional money? You may also intend to promote your business on the internet. You may, however, be concerned about the cost of creating a website for your small business.

Web Design Cost

The features you want to include in an eCommerce or commercial website will determine the cost. When your website goes live in the digital market, everything counts, from the user experience to content, design, SEO, payment, and shipping. Let’s look at the digital world’s needs for introducing your small business.


First, consider the brand name of your website. What happens if the requested brand name isn’t available? It sometimes asks for 10,000 AED. You should consider a name that is uncommon, original, and uncomplicated. A domain might cost a few dollars or hundreds of AED. It all depends on your preferences.

Web Design Features:

You will continue to spend money on features while feeling unsatisfied. If you try to be like the huge whales, the maelstrom of plugins and features will consume you. The cost of your web design is determined by factors such as the number of pages, website banners, sliders, SSL certificates, Google Maps integrations, etc.

Number of Pages

The size of your website determines the implied cost. How many pages are sufficient for your tiny business? A company website will not require more than 5 to 15 pages. Each product and service introduction on an eCommerce website could require up to 1000 pages. The cost is exactly proportionate to the number of pages. A distinct design will be required for each category. A simple website for a small business might cost between 5000 and 50,000 AED.

Web design

Again, it’s all about personal preference. Would you prefer that your website run on a template that is accessible and freely available on the internet? If not, you will need your website to be designed. If you choose to create your website, the number of pages with various designs will determine the cost of the website. A website with a specific design attracts a larger audience than one with a free template.

Features and Functionality

Even a small eCommerce store will require dynamic content, multiple photos, pricing, coupon codes, checkouts, product comparisons, payment gateways, wishlists, registration, and so on. To ensure optimal functionality and user experience, you must prioritize smooth navigation and optimization considerations. Such a store will cost you more than a website that merely has ‘contact us’ and ‘about us’ sections. The web design company in Dubai can assist you in constructing such websites at a lower cost.

Mobile-Friendly Design.

Consumers enjoy visiting websites via their mobile phones, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. If you want to compete in the market, you will need to have a mobile-friendly design. Another factor that influences pricing is mobile-friendly design.

Hosting Charges

Are you targeting the entire world? You will require infinite storage space, bandwidth, email addresses, and a variety of other resources. Such a hosting server will charge you based on your needs. If your website is merely a portfolio for your firm, you should not be concerned about the cost.

SSL and Google Maps integration

An SSL certificate is required to have a secure website. It will protect you from hackers and intruders. If your website does not contain any sensitive or confidential information, remain calm as a cucumber.

Google Maps integration assists in developing a positive image for your brand. But it has the potential to shake your finances. Do not worry if you don’t need it. Don’t panic! Finally, it is your decision.

What else?

Your website will also require content to effectively represent your company. That content will eventually require SEO. Will you do it on your own? If that’s not the case, you’ll need a content writer and an SEO agency in Dubai. It will surely cost you more than you expected.

The prices are here.

Prices may differ between companies. Freelancers can build a website at a lower cost than a well-known corporation. A reputable organization, such as the web design company Dubai, will guarantee your success, whereas freelancers would not. The lowest starting price in Dubai is 4000 AED.

Small Business Website Costs

A website with a few pages will cost around 2000 AED; however, a fully featured eCommerce store design will cost around 5000 AED. The upkeep and hosting of a website determine its monthly cost.

Costs for Complex Websites:

Complicated website designs cost between 5,000 and 80,000 AED. A company like Amazon will ask you to pay 100,000 AED to the seven figures in your bank account.

Website Maintenance

Importantly, your website is like mechanical equipment that requires regular maintenance. You will need to check it from time to time to ensure that it is functioning properly. You can obtain such services at a reduced cost by hiring a web design firm in Dubai.

Final Words

Invest now in the digital age to guarantee your future. The internet world always welcomes newcomers. Go ahead and embrace it.

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