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How Much Is Deluxe Beverage Package On Royal Caribbean

How Much Is Deluxe Beverage Package On Royal Caribbean?

When planning a Royal Caribbean cruise, it’s essential to factor in the cost of the Deluxe Beverage Package. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the pricing, perks, and tips for getting the most value out of your beverage package.

Understanding the Deluxe Beverage Package

The Deluxe Beverage Package on Royal Caribbean offers unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout your cruise. It’s a convenient way to enjoy your favorite drinks without worrying about the bill at the end of your voyage.

2023 Pricing Details

As of 2023, the cost of the Deluxe Beverage Package typically ranges from $63 to $89 per person, per day. The exact price may vary depending on the cruise line, ship, and itinerary. Keep in mind that Royal Caribbean may adjust prices, so it’s essential to check the latest rates when booking your cruise.

What’s Included

With the Deluxe Beverage Package, you can savor a wide range of beverages, including:

  • Alcoholic Drinks: Enjoy cocktails, beer, wine, and spirits up to a certain value per serving.
  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Quench your thirst with a variety of non-alcoholic options, such as premium coffee, fresh juices, and soft drinks.
  • Bottled Water: Stay hydrated with bottled water packages.
  • Soda Package: For those who prefer sodas, Royal Caribbean offers a dedicated soda package.

Savings and Discounts

To make the most of your cruise budget, consider these tips:

  • Pre-Purchase: Royal Caribbean often offers discounts if you purchase the Deluxe Beverage Package before your cruise. Keep an eye out for pre-cruise promotions.
  • Group Discounts: If you’re traveling with a group, inquire about group rates to save even more.
  • Special Offers: Occasionally, Royal Caribbean includes beverage packages as part of special promotions, so be sure to check for any ongoing deals.

Beverage Package Duration

The Deluxe Beverage Package is available for the duration of your cruise, from the moment you embark until the final day of your voyage. Keep in mind that it’s a daily package, so you’ll be charged for each day of your trip.

Is It Worth It?

Whether the Deluxe Beverage Package is worth it depends on your drinking preferences. If you plan to enjoy multiple alcoholic beverages, specialty coffees, and other drinks daily, it can be a cost-effective choice. However, if you’re a light drinker or prefer non-alcoholic options, you may want to consider other options or pay as you go.

Understanding the cost of the Deluxe Beverage Package on Royal Caribbean is crucial for planning your cruise budget. By knowing the pricing details, what’s included, and ways to save, you can make an informed decision and ensure a fantastic cruise experience.

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